Keep your
in the loop

WeScribe helps team leaders keep everyone on the same page about the details that matter most.

WeScribe Update Example

Focus on what matters most

Curate updates that bring together key metrics, important dates, and your own concise summary of critical details.

Key Metrics

Pull data from the services you already use such as Stripe or Segment to add key metrics charts to your update.

Important Dates

Make sure your team is on track for the next deadline and ready to hit the next milestone.

Critical Details

Write concise summaries for your status updates before you get the “where are we on this?” question.

Updates made easy

Curate beautifully clear and concise updates on a consistent basis without the headache of manually piecing every detail together.

  • Groups
    Organize people into groups to make updating the right people as simple as picking their group.
  • Templates
    Choose from one of our update templates to jumpstart your update writing.
  • Update Comparisons
    View a previous update side by side with your currrent draft so you don't forget any follow ups needed.
  • Integrations
    Integrate with Stripe, Google Analytics, and others to display charts with real data in your updates.
  • Notifications
    Send a notification to your group via email or Slack each time you send out a new update.
  • Comments & Reactions
    Get responses to your updates directly in the app or via the email or Slack notifications.

Use Cases

Company Announcements
Get the word out to all your employees about major company announcements.
Investor Updates
Stay accountable to your investors by sending them a monthly investor update.
Board of Directors
Send your board meeting agenda ahead of time and follow up with your meeting minutes.
Client Projects
Regularly send progress updates so your client is never left wondering how the project is going.
Co-Working Spaces
Keep all your members in the loop about news and events in your space.
Teams & Departments
Make sure each team in your company has a unified awareness of progress being made and upcoming milestones.
Press Releases
Send out your major public announcements to spread the word through your PR contacts at the right time.
Product Release Notes
Increases awareness and engagement by updating your users each time you update your product.